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A Finished Film!

October 23rd, 2013  /  Category: News  / 

“Art of the Bag – A Speed Bag Story” is now complete…a finished film!

After over a year and a half, the film is now in it’s final form. Running 87 minutes, it takes you through the history of the speed bag from it’s creation to today¬†and introduces you to the many ‘Speed Bag Addicts’ that make the activity as exciting and entertaining as it is.

A fascinating journey through time that starts in 1877 in Troy, NY and brings you up to speed with interviews and video of the most talented ‘bag punchers’ of today. From ‘Bible-Style’ to ‘Punchdrumming’, this film has it all!

As this post is being written, the film has been submitted to festivals across the country, so please look for it….and in another month or so, you’ll be able to purchase your own copy (DVD or Blu-ray) right through this site.

I owe a special thanks and my sincere appreciation to all the very generous people that have helped to make the film happen. Cheers to you all!