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D’oh… denied!

July 01st, 2014  /  Category: News  / 

From DocuWest International Film Festival:

“Dear Joe,

I am embarrassed to write with notification that your submission, Art of the Bag – a speed bag story, was not accepted into the fifth annual DocuWest film festival. Our inability to screen your film had nothing to do with your talents as a filmmaker. As a four day festival, that has limited number of screening slots, the decisions we had to make were very difficult. We know your film, Art of the Bag – a speed bag story, will find other opportunities to screen. I hope you continue on your filmmaking path. Now, more than ever, documentary films are helping to change the world in so many ways. Please keep DocuWest in mind for your future projects.

Sincerely, Wade Gardner Founder and Programming Director – DocuWest “

What a¬†well crafted denial letter…no speed bag love from them this year…onward!