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Finding an Audience

May 22nd, 2014  /  Category: News  / 

As any filmmaker will tell you, making the film is only a third of the battle. The real work begins when the film is finished. It’s a full-time job promoting your own film in a world filled with 1000’s of great films on as many subjects. You submit to festivals (as budget allows and hope you get in), send press kits out, look for reviewers, write press releases, set-up screenings, keep the social media flowing….it’s a LOT of work!

The interest in a film like “Art of the Bag” is also limited to a smaller segment of people(I knew that getting into it)….it might be really interesting to those who are addicted baggers and quite a few others with an interest in history, but for the most part, the viewing segment is small. I’ve found true ‘boxing fans’ aren’t interested in fancy punching. I had sent a copy to the International Boxing Hall of Fame on the films release and have yet to recieve any kind of response to the film or the many phone calls I’ve made. Local boxing gyms & regular gyms don’t seem to appreciate the art either. I gave a copy to a local gym owner (one of the few that actually has a speed bag platform in the gym) and he thought is was “O.K.”, but again, didn’t really see all the benefits punching the speed bag can offer. The only other comment he made was that it’s a noisey activity and tends to annoy the other gym users, so no one really works the bag in his gym.

Funny thing is, for the most part, when someone sits down and really watches the film, they usually want to get a speed bag platform and start hitting the bag! It still surprizes me to read these comments and it’s encourging to know they not only see the passion people have for this activity, but are moved to start themselves.

I was a bit unlucky at the Catskill Mountains Film Festival as my films screening date, time & venue were changed at the very last minute leaving a bunch of people I had coming unable to attend. I was just able to get there myself and the attendance was really poor as it was 5:30pm on a Friday the very first day of the festival (and the printed schedules didn’t reflect the changes)… so I sat and watched the beginning of my film. I then headed up to the filmmaker’s reception for a bit of mingling, a drink (well deserved & needed) and some free food. Meeting fellow filmmakers always proves interesting, so are open & friendly…others….well, lets just say…there are others & leave it at that. Most asked about each other’s films, but being the first day and there were free drinks & food, none of them were motivated to leave and catch my screening that was happening at that very moment (who can blame them). The other thing to consider is that this was the first year of this festival….I’m sure they will be more organized in the years to follow if it was successful. A new life experience was had.

Shortly thereafter, I recieved notice that the film was not accepted into the Brooklyn Film Festival…bummer, but again, that’s a pretty big fest and has thousands of entries. I expect not to make it into most of the festivals entered, that way I can be surprized when it does get in one!

So…onward I go! Continuing to promote the film anywhere & everywhere I can, trying to set-up screenings, looking for funding for festivals, hitting my bag as much as possible…and enjoying the Art of the Bag.