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Starting with the invention of the punching ball or speed bag in the late 1800’s, ‘Art of the Bag’ follows its evolution through the years.  From the days of ‘Fancy Punching’, vaudeville acts and boxing gyms, the speed bag hasn’t changed much in its design but remains to this day as one of the best methods for developing speed, timing and eye-hand coordination.

Hear the story of Alan Kahn’s (author of The Speed Bag Bible) life-long mission to create the language or notation that has become the standard for learning the many techniques and combinations of modern bag punching.  Learn about the speed bag culture that covers the globe through interviews and demonstrations by some of the most talented bag punchers and punchdrummers in the world today.

Meet people from all walks of life who share the addiction to this activity and actively promote it not only for its health benefits, but for the sheer enjoyment.  Doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, laborers, mathematicians, musicians, business owners; they all share a passion for the art of the bag.


Art of the Bag – A Speed Bag Story

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“Art of the Bag – a speed bag story”

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Basic CMYK

SPEEDB.A.G. VI = Great Fun!

Jul 2015

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Basic CMYK

SPEEDB.A.G. VI … Right around the corner!

Yes fellow speed bag addicts, it’s THAT time again… time for the next Speed Bag Annual Gathering! This is the premiere event for the world …

Jun 2015

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AOTB Premiere_19

Baggin’ it up in Reno, NV.

This just in… Alan Kahn, Matthew Santiago, Ms. Deville & Dee Pooler are rumored to be spreading the ‘Word of the Bag’ in Reno, NV! …

Mar 2015

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custom thumbnail_1

Official AOTB YouTube Channel is now LIVE!

As I approach the one year anniversary of the release of this film (could it really be a year already?), it seemed to me that …

Nov 2014

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Livingroom speed bag_sm

DENIAL, it’s not a river in Egypt!

As it has been a very busy summer this year, I must admit that I have been negligent in my duties writing blog posts. For …

Oct 2014

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baggingnnnnnn 028--25

SPEEDB.A.G. V …Too Much FUN!

SPEEDB.A.G. V was just a blast! It’s so nice to see all the talented speed bag brothers & sisters…and all the new faces we gladly welcome …

Aug 2014

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Front DVD cover_sm

DVD now available for international shipping!

The DVD is now available for international shipping via eBay and their new shipping program. I thought that I’d give it a try in an …

Jul 2014

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D’oh… denied!

From DocuWest International Film Festival: “Dear Joe, I am embarrassed to write with notification that your submission, Art of the Bag – a speed bag …

Jul 2014

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Speedbag V_1

Preparing for “SPEEDB.A.G. V”

Well, it’s ‘that’ time of year once again… time to take a break (a short one) from promoting the film and start practicing some moves on …

Jun 2014

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Joe Saba_Director

Finding an Audience

As any filmmaker will tell you, making the film is only a third of the battle. The real work begins when the film is finished. …

May 2014

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Written & Directed

Joe Saba


Executive Producer

Joe Saba


Co-Executive Producers

Alan Kahn

Tim Platt

Carol Platt

George Hajnasr

Title Boxing

Balazs Boxing


Generous Supporters

Ralph Kazarian

George & Tina Saba

Kevin Lang

Tim & Carol Platt

Tom Webb

Alan Kahn

Brian Tichy

Title Boxing

Brian Keller

George Hajnasr

Donald Blanks

John Reynolds

Matthew Santiago

Stacy Lomoe-Smith

Matthew Geraci

Jim Metz

Kerry Campagna

Shaun Unwin

Anthony LaRocca

Deville Swivels

David Sussman

Ryan Jolly

Stephen Arnsberg

Lisa Perrone

Ralph Ponce

Denise Mandeville

Robert & June Bifano

Dean Goodwin

Richard Kohlberger

Jim Quist

Balazs Boxing

Brian DeMaris

Brandon DeMaris

Jeremy Comer

Jim Cluck


Ken Koper

Ryan Millsap

Annon Kishpaugh



Alan Kahn

Tim Platt

Zach Ruffo

Matthew Santiago

Donald Blanks

Thomas Tabino

Danovis Pooler

Mike Haugen

Denise Mandeville

Lisa Perrone

Justin Buffamante

Louis Dolfinger

Brian Tichy

George Hajnasr

Dean Goodwin



Donald James


Character Voice

Mike Young


Sound Design

Joe Saba



Joe Saba

Perfect Choice Music




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